When people need to have the POS UAE then they should be careful that they have to get the merchant account in Abu Dhabi first and this is a thing which is not very difficult if they are giving more attention to the process. You have to make sure that you are having your merchant account in a good and reputed bank as they will always be there to help you no matter how many times you will need them. There are a few documents that you have to submit when you are applying for the merchant account and in the absence of any of these documents you will not be getting any sort of facility from the bank as they will take you as a person with fraudulent intention.

When you are getting an account then you have to get the proof of your business as they need to know about the kind of business you are doing and whether you really need to have the merchant account or not. If you are having a very small kind of business then you will not need to get this account and they will reject your application. You have to be sure that you are providing exact information which is true and without any fabrication. Although there is no restriction to have a kind of business when you are going to apply but you have to earn a certain amount on monthly basis. Make sure that you are having selling involved in the kind of business which you are doing. Change your regular account in to the merchant one.

When you are trying to have a merchant account then you also need to provide them the proof that your business is legal and you are having the license of doing that kind of business. Without the license you should not start your business as it will considered as illegal and if you go to any bank after knowing that you are not having the license then they will not even refuse your application but also complain against you that you are doing a business without any license and in this way you will be going to stuck in to a bigger problem. Go for the authority to apply for the license and then you have to apply for the merchant account.