Cake fans are spread all around the world. Each country has different types of cakes and no matter how people’s taste buds are developed, if a person is from another country, they will surely like the cake from another country. There was a time when people used to only eat cakes when there was a celebration but now, people tend to each cake whenever they want. Now, people have even started the sole business of fastest cake delivery.

One cannot imagine a celebration without cake. that is why even the smallest bakeries and the newest bakeries make profit solely on the basis of their sale of cake. There are most people who think that cake was first made in America while some blame the United Kingdoms but the fact is the actual origin of the cakes came from the ancient Egypt. And the first cake was known as the fruit cake and that was also made in the 8th century B.C.E. Some food scientists have also found the old Romans baking art but it is not confirmed that it was a cake not or. The oldest cake was said to have raisins, seeds, nuts, pomegranate seeds, and barley. You can say that it was more or an energy bar.

Cheese cake was first dated back in the 700 B.C.E. this is hard to believe but it is said that cheese cake was fed to the athletes or was a part of the athletes’ diet who competed in the first every Olympic Games in ancient Greece. It is said that the cheese cake at that time was said to have sugar, eggs, vanilla and topped with fruits. It is said that this cheese cake gave athletes energy. And it was also served to the high kings and queens while they used to witness the games.

There are only a few fans left who love carrot cakes and order it as baby shower cake in Dubai. But you should know that this cake was very much hyped up in the 16th century and people used to make it in the 1500s as well. it was said to have raisins, nuts, spices, shredded carrots and tangy creams and sometimes cheese as well. This kind of cake is now famous again, all because of vegans bringing this cake back to life without the cheese and dairy.

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