Door access control plays a vital role in the security system of malls, banks, buildings etc. It controls who can enter in the building and when because it has a control over the electric lock. The access control readers accept credentials in the form of wallet cards, thick chain cards with holes that can be wrapped around your neck, or key fobs that could be attached to your keychain. The advanced door reads have the feature of opening the door with your smartphone as well. The credentials you are carry with yourself are not the most accurate form of identification, there are various reasons of not being them secure are that they could be lost, stolen etc. Most accurate form of identification is biometric identification because the system recognizes you by your fingerprints, face recognitions, palm veins etc.

The RFID door readers have antenna and circuits fixed on it. The credential antenna receives a signal sent by the reader. The electrical signal sent by the door reader is powerful enough to ignite the circuit in the credential. When the credential’s electric circuit obtains power, it transmits a signal to the access control reader that includes the credential’s identification (ID) number. The most recent door readers are network-connected smart devices that are powered by Power over Ethernet (POE). They are directly connected to the network which holds all the identification code of the people entering into the system.

It doesn’t matter if the organization’s network is working or not or the management system is available or not, the door access controller will keep working. They will keep working until the backup power is required or not. The ID number received by the door reader is sent to the controller part of the door access control system. The controller function is embedded into the reader in the Isonas door access system, but the Hartmann door access control system utilizes a separate controller. The ID number is compared to a list in the controller’s memory. If the ID is valid, the door will be unlocked.

The electric lock on the door is controlled by the door reader controller. The sensors are also used to detect weather the door is open or not.

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