According to the international business magazine, alone in one emirate of UAE, at least 6 cake shops open every day. This means that if you do the math right, more than 2600 cake shops might be opening around the world. These shops can be online, on food trucks and a proper shop. People order cakes in Sharjah and from Sharjah from around the world and that is why this business is very much sustainable in the whole UAE. With so many cake shops opening, we still see only a few and that is because they do the best kind of promotion.

You can say that they have two investments, the one that they need to open for a cake shop and the second part of investment is kept only for marketing and advertising. Even the simplest cake shop that does graduation cake delivery in Sharjah spend a lot of money on promoting their cake shop and all about it. All businesses need marketing and advertising and if you have thought of opening a cake shop and you need unique marketing ideas then you are at the right place. Because here, we have tipped you some of the unique marketing ideas for your cake shop.

  1. A cake shop should have a sweet and friendly environment. Meaning to say that the person who enters the cake shop should be more than happy to be there. Train your employees to treat the customers well and guide them about cakes in the most delicious way they can.
  2. If you want your cake shop to get an uplift then we suggest that you keep slices for testing purposes as well. This gives the customer a sense of what the cake will taste like.
  3. Some might say that this is an old and used up marketing idea but we have seen many people make millions out of it and that is the email marketing. Gather as many emails as you can make sure that you email them about your new cakes.
  4. Make a YouTube channel and post the videos of your art on Facebook, Instagram and any social media you can think of. It helps the new bakers and people love seeing a cake come to being.

Put some of your amazing cakes on discounts, it will help attract more customers.