Getting an armored car is now getting more demand because people are now realizing that their life is more precious than the amount which they have to pay for that. People are getting more towards buying these vehicles and making their vehicles in to the armored ones even it will change the shape and looks of their vehicle but they will bear that for the price of their life. They need to know about the basic information about bulletproof cars and the military vehicles before you are going to have any of the armored vehicles because you will get to have the basic information of how you have to get an armored car and what features you need to have in them. You can have more info here:

When there is an armored truck then you may get to have the question in your mind that whether the driver of the truck can have the gun with him or whether they can shoot you or not. In order to have the gun, you need to know that it will be according to the area where they are going to drive the truck. If they are driving it in the threatened area then they can have the gun with them but they are not allowed to kill or shoot any of the civilian only just because they get a doubt on them. If they feel any threat then they can shoot nearby the person just to scare them and if they still come to threaten you then they should go carefully and be very cautious as much as possible to avoid shooting any person.

When you have an Mercedes armored car or any armored vehicle then you need to have in mind that they also get robbed because robbers are getting more and more advanced in the terms of technology and they can easily open and rob your car and then take that away without you knowing about it. You also need to know that when you are on road then your armored vehicle can be pulled over by the police if you have parked it on the wrong side or when you need help as your vehicle get stuck in the middle of the road, police will come to rescue you like any other vehicle and you will get their help.