While the idea of a paperless office sounds incredible on a basic level, actually numerous little or home office (SOHO) organizations actually have a need to duplicate printed archives habitually enough to consider having an in-house copier. Here are the key purchasing elements to assist you with picking a printer/copier for your SOHO.


While printer and ink/toner expenses can be deducted from your charges, you actually need to take care of everything at first, and it can add up. A used Xerox machine Dubai can obviously be budget friendly.


Most private venture situated printer/copiers aren’t intended for substantial volume so check the unit’s suggested utilization (pages each month obligation cycle).


For a printer to work, it needs an approach to be determined what do. With regards to replicating, just putting the paper on the duplicate glass and jabbing the duplicate catch will sweep and print the page.

High contrast or Color?

Shading duplicating is increasingly slow costly however may be an element you need your printer/copier to have in the event that you plan to deliver special materials for your private company, like leaflets, or duplicate tone photographs.

Media Versatility

Pick a copier from a rental service that is ready to deal with an assortment of paper sizes and loads and other media, for example, transparencies and file cards.

Paper Handling

As an independent venture individual, you have preferable activities over topping off paper plate or taking care of single sheets through a printer/copier. In the event that you print/duplicate routinely search for a model with a paper limit of at any rate 250 sheets or more. You’ll likewise unquestionably need a programmed report feeder that holds at any rate 30 sheets.

Reaction Time

Printer/copiers that have no warm-up time are ideal for little and home workplaces, where the machine might be sitting inactive for quite a long time or days. High print/duplicate velocities are incredible, however will not save you any time on the off chance that you need to trust that the unit will heat up each opportunity it emerges from rest mode. Some printer/copiers currently offer a first duplicate season of less than 10 seconds. Find here more details.