Have you ever tried Turkish food in Abu Dhabi? The uniqueness of Turkish cuisine is that there is no need for you to order your entire meal at once, you may order two-three dishes and then see if you’d like to eat more.

Every country is known to have its own unique picky delicacies that entice people to come and try them. Out of the many eateries of Turkey here are some that especially showcase the Turkish tradition.

Turkish Delight

The locals call it Lokum, which is something really new for people other than Turks. It is a combination of chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts offered in various colors or flavors to suit any taste buds.

Iskender Kebab
One of the best and the most popular dish of Turkey is called Iskender Kebab. It comprises of thinly sliced lamb served with traditional Turkish bread, heavily topped with yogurt and butter.

Something known as The Turkish Ravioli, having the ability to make any pasta-lover go crazy. Turkey has its own version of Ravioli which is amazing and tempting!
These are small handmade dumplings filled with lamb or beef served with creamy yogurt.

Too sweet, even more richer is the famous Turkish dessert – Baklava. Layers of flaky puff pastry finely chopped with nuts, originated from the Ottoman Empire is now widely sold on every street of Turkey and in many Arab countries.

Leaving any Turkish restaurant is not possible without being served with Mezze. It entails a small selection of dishes served with a drink, probably before or after a meal.
It consists of yogurt, herbs, hummus, vine leaves, meatballs, eggplant salad and white cheese; nothing but eye-satisfying and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Shish Kebab
A classic meal, which could be found not only in Turkish restaurants but in almost every kebab restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Served with a skewer (chicken, meat or beef) along with rice, french-fries and salad this dish makes a heavenly treat on your dinner table.

Turkish Apple Tea
A tea that tickles your taste buds is available in every Turk café, restaurant or any Turks house you visit as part of the Turkish tradition.


The famous Turkish Ice Cream which looks and tastes like a normal ice cream isn’t actually normal. An ice cream which doesn’t melt, making it unique with an impact of chewiness. The Dondurma vendors are known around the globe to put up spectacular shows, while playing with the ice cream scoops and enticing the customers.