Saving memories from time is a blessing and since the time machine has not been invented and even if there is one then clearly we don’t have the access of it yet. But there is a machine or you can say a device that lets us captures times and moments and it almost seems like we have travelled time and before you wonder that what is that, we would like to tell you that we are talking about photos. The more photos, the merrier because every moment is different and that is why there are many of us who will have the phone that will have no apps in it and they have a huge storage and they have bought it just for the sake of photography.

There are many accessories of a camera and for photographers and now people have opened a frame shop in Dubai and you will be surprised to know that they get easily sold and if you want to open business then we suggest that you open different photo frame shops in Dubai. Being a photographer is a good career, but we all know that since the phone companies are making better and newer phones with amazing cameras, all people are becoming photographers but the pro photography is still a thing and you can become a photographer for your hobby as well. if you are becoming one and you want to know more about photography then we suggest that you keep reading to know some of our interesting facts about photography;

  • The most viewed photo: it is a funny thing basically that the most viewed photo on in the world is the windows old default screen where there is a blue sky and green plains and this image name is Bliss and it was captured by Charles O’Rear and he sold this image to the Microsoft in 100,000 dollars.
  • Photobooth: the trend of photo booth is still alive and we wish that it stays that way and you will be amazed to know that the first photo booth was set up in New York city in 1925 and many people used to get scared when they saw the flashes.
  • Leica: this is a very important person in the world of photography because she was the only person who introduced the concept of 35mm format film.
  • Accidental photo: many people have died taking selfies and the first accident caused by photography was because the person was getting his shoes cleaned to get a pic and he took way too much time and the car hit them.