There are a lot of people who are talking about Titan the robot and they have fascinated with the concept that there is a robot that works completely like a human and they think it is a robot only but in reality there is person who will operate that from the inside. What you need to know about this robot is here below:

What does it cost?

This is a robot which is too much costly and you cannot buy that although it is made just for fun. You need to know that although it is too expensive but you can have that for a day on rent and get all the fun from it what you want. Even the rent is too much that every person cannot afford that so it is mostly used in the film industry where they have to use that in film making.

What can it do?

It can do a lot of things which a human can do like you can have a little dance with that also you can sing with him as it as a little machine memory in that which can store the voice and then respond to you. It will take a lot of years to be built because of its complexity so you can have that for rent if you really need its services for a little while.

Is it fake or real?

People often think that the robots which look and act like humans are imaginary and they are animated in the movies but they are very real and have the physical existence and you can even touch and operate them according to your choice. There will be the place inside the outer robotic structure in which there will be a person in that who can easily operate that from the inside. Operator can easily sit or stand inside that, stand only if the robot is very huge and then he can operate as there will be the panel to use and also a window with glass so the operator can see through it or there will be camera on the outer part of the robot and operator can see what’s going on through the screen placed inside the robot. Titan the robot was created in 2004 and you can look here to know more about this robot.